OCTOBER 3, 2020
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Your daily recap from Nexion Travel Group's annual, international conference — from home!


A Magical End to CoNexion at Home Reveals Where We're Headed Next

Nexion Travel Group's CoNexion at Home member conference came to an end Saturday afternoon, October 3, after three days of amazing connections, content and a lot of much-needed caring and kindness. We certainly hope that our 1,500 attendees got as much out of our first virtual conference as we did and are recharged for the future!

In total, we offered six general sessions, 42 workshops, 84 trade show booths, seven roundtable tracks, eight NEXTalks, 19 VIP After Hours Lounges and our super fun virtual dance party and Nexion Idol competition last night.

So, where is CoNexion headed next? We'll see you September 25-October 2, 2021 onboard Norwegian Joy (debark New York to Bermuda!) for CoNexion 2021. Registration is OPEN at nexion.com/conexion-2021!

Plus, mark your calendars for September 20-22, 2022 at Disneyland Resort® for CoNexion 2022! Registration for CoNexion 2022 will open mid-October 2021.

CoNexion Platform Available until October 31

Please read below for important information about accessing the CoNexion at Home platform to re-watch workshops and general sessions you may have missed, as well as prize information and how to download those items you put in your briefcase from the trade show.

Sweepstakes/Prize Updates and Points Calculations
Thank you to all for being engaged in our first virtual conference through chatting with attendees, watching and interacting with content and visiting the trade show and downloading materials into your briefcase. The goal of the points for CoNexion Sweepstakes was to ensure you were visiting and engaging at every point you could in the platform, but it was never about the points. Points and prizes should never be the motivation for education at a great conference experience. So, what does that mean for prizes?

All attendees were incredibly engaged, and we are proud of you. All Nexion Travel Group advisors who attended CoNexion at Home live October 1-3 and who are in good standing will go into the final prize drawing the week of October 12. Thank you for taking the time to be engaged and making it about returning to travel.

Accessing Workshops & General Sessions
You can visit the CoNexion at Home platform through October 31 to watch workshops and general sessions you may have missed or re-watch to get those valuable tips you couldn’t jot down fast enough. Here are a few hints for post-CoNexion visitation:

  • Do not share any content, including videos from the Annex, general sessions or workshops, on any social media channels. Nexion has secured rights on certain songs and content to show only during CoNexion, and none of the content may be shared outside the conference platform. Thank you for adhering to this strict policy.
  • General Sessions – Visit the General Session auditorium and then click LAUNCH to view any of the sessions until October 31. Today's general sessions are currently not showing but will be available early next week.
  • Workshops – Visit the Workshops room and click PLAY to watch any workshop now until October 31. All workshops will be uploaded by October 4. Be sure to refresh your screen when you come back into the platform.
  • Roundtable breakouts and VIP After-Hours Lounges were not recorded.
  • If you have technical issues viewing content, please contact education@nexion.com.

Accessing and Downloading Items from your Briefcase
The entire platform will be open until October 31, 2020 to allow advisors to go in and visit the tradeshow booths and add content to their briefcase. To retrieve the information from your briefcase, follow these steps:

  • LOG INTO the CoNexion platform
  • CLICK on the briefcase icon
  • Click VIEW on the briefcase screen beside the item you wish to download
  • If a pdf it will open in a NEW WINDOW
  • CLICK the DOWNLOAD icon to download to your computer, laptop or mobile device
  • If the item is a URL in your briefcase, CLICK the link and it opens a new tab on your browser
  • If the item is a video in your briefcase, CLICK PLAY



Highlights from Saturday's General Sessions

CoNexion at Home attendees heard from quite a few of our partners during Saturday's two general sessions, including Allianz, CLIA, Disney Destinations, Enterprise Holdings, GOGO Vacations, Iberostar, Marriott, Holland America, Norwegian Cruise Line, United Airlines and Virgin Voyages.

In addition, Jackie Friedman hosted a marketing panel, which provided quite a few tips advisors can implement now, and Robbi Jumaa Hamida shared a quick keynote. Here are some highlights:
  • From Charles at CLIA: "CLIA is offering $3,000 in bonus commissions until December 31 that can be used for 2021 and 2022. Take advantage of them! You, as travel advisors, are the leading distribution channel for cruise lines, selling more than 25 percent of cruises every year. Together we will build a brighter future."
  • From Brennan at GOGO Vacations: "My motto for this year has been When I think I can't, I must." Brennan reminded advisors that "Information is power" and to use the interactive travel map GOGO has, which is updated in real time on destination and resort changes. He also shared information on new ways to connect by announcing a dedicated FIT Live Chat reservation support for Nexion (visit their booth for more details). 
  • From Michelle at Holland America Line: "It is important we all share our stories, as they are what unites us. Stories inspire us to grow, and people remember stories more than facts and figures. In your next client meeting or conversation, remember the power of storytelling, as it's the most powerful tool in your arsenal."
  • Kelly with United Airlines shared news about new destinations. There were many, but I was focusing on Maui and Kona the most. 
  • Virgin Voyages: "WiFi is a basic human right.'" and "No kids. No kidding." and "No NCFs (non commissionable fares)."
  • From Stephen with Internova Travel Group: "The data from the survey responses our travel advisors give us drives the marketing we're doing. With Armchair Explorer we started with explore now and travel later. As marketing gets more aggressive on your behalf, health and safety protocols will be at the forefront in our messaging. Your clients come to you for guidance and expertise, and this marketing will glue the loyalty even more."
  • From Brian with Internova Travel Group: "We know there are two consistent trends — the desire to travel is high, and the second is that safety and health have emerged as the top need for travelers. Also, consumers are open to receive promotions."
  • From Jackie: "Travel advisors sharing stories will get us moving again. Bravo to those who have gone out and documented the experience."
  • From Brian: "More and more consumers are going online and digital for information, so Agent Profiler is critical. In a sense, AgentProfiler is your own digital calling card."
  • From Mai with Nexion Travel Group: "Work on your profiles, as it's so important. Check the Nexion Marketing booth for useful information and tips to help you with this. Plus, share photos of your travels on your social media, which builds authenticity and trust."
  • From Robbi: "It's time to look at your business and prepare for people returning to travel. On your AgentProfiler, get your pages updated by looking at your bio, update your photos and show where you've been on the map; then be sure to get it published."
  • From Robbi: "Take advantage of Leaders Edge in the U.S., and great news; it's coming to Canada as well."
  • From Robbi: "Are you using Live Connect in Canada or the insurance integration in AgentMate in the U.S.? Also, clean up those records from canceled bookings where you aren't expecting commissions."
  • From Robbi: "You are in control."



NEXTalks: Joseph, Danny, Gene and Aiste Share Best Practices  

Yesterday we shared highlights from four of our NEXTalk speakers, and today we'll showcase our remaining four.

If you didn't have a chance to stop by the Annex to listen to these quick presentations on a variety of topics that matter most to you, we encourage you to do so prior to October 31.

Joseph is a new advisor who talks about starting an agency in a small town. "We're four hours away from an international airport, so acknowledge the obstacles. Tell potential clients you're there to help them. Show them that travel is doable and don't forget to travel yourself. It's attainable," he says. "In just a year, I've sold $150,000 part-time being the go-to travel person in my area. I've also added two new subagents." Listen to Joseph's full video about Big Fish. Small Town. in the Annex.

 shares tips about using YouTube to talk to a different audience during this time. "We're creating lifelong, personal experiences with our customers. We had to move on since we can't film ships right now. I got on my computer in my garage to livestream and just talk to people about what we do as travel advisors. YouTube levels the playing field and allows us to communicate with those who are looking for the message we are providing." Watch Danny's NEXTalk in the Annex for more insights.

talks about tools of the trade. "The first six months in any new career is daunting, and I knew I had to immerse myself fully in the travel industry. I worked through the new travel advisor training programs through Nexion University. To be successful, I feel what we need is expert geography knowledge, strong analytical or organizational skills and strong sales ability. Matching clients' needs and wants with the right quality and value travel experiences is what keeps a client loyal and returning." Watch Gene talk about more tools and his advice in his NEXTalk in the Annex.

Aiste shares tips on taking your business seriously. "I built a three-year vision on where I wanted my travel business to be. What helped me was simplifying my strategic plan. I created a one-page cheat sheet that I hung on my wall, with my vision and then four buckets with focus areas — sales, marketing, education and team." Aiste has been exceeding her sales goals and celebrates successes with her clients. Find out more in her NEXTalk.



Professional Development Featured 42 Workshops: Watch On Demand Now

The final day of CoNexion featured three workshop rotations with a variety of business development and supplier product knowledge sessions in which to choose.

All workshops are now available to watch on demand in the CoNexion at Home platform by visiting the workshop room.

Additional workshop updates:
  • Part 2 of LGBTQ and Part 2 of Diversity in Travel will be added to the CoNexion workshops posted on the CoNexion at Home platform. These were recorded but not shown during CoNexion.
  • Both of Jackie's Live Exchange interactive brainstorming sessions will be added to the CoNexion workshops posted on the CoNexion at Home platform.



Award Recipients Recognized, including New Lifetime Achievement 

For the first time ever, Nexion Travel Group presented Lifetime Achievement Awards to three individuals with long and illustrious careers in the travel industry. Recently retired, all of these executives have been crucial partners to Nexion Travel Group. They are:

  • Jane Castelli, American Airlines
  • Tony Cosenza, Enterprise Holdings
  • Linda DoSouto, Delta Air Lines


Castelli’s long career at American Airlines was in senior sales positions, where she was the primary contact for Nexion Travel Group. Enterprise’s Cosenza spent his career in the ground transportation rental business, responsible for the relationships and profits with travel agencies. DoSouto worked in the airline industry for three decades, spending a large portion of her career with Delta Air Lines, where she grew the business with the Nexion Travel Group account.

Castelli, Cosenza and DoSouto are being given the Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition for their partnership with Nexion Travel Group and in appreciation of their contributions to the travel industry.

“Jane Castelli, Tony Cosenza and Lindo DoSouto are some of the finest people I have ever worked with,” says Jackie Friedman. “For many years, they have been friends and supporters of the travel advisor community, and widely respected in our industry. More than that, they are all wonderful people who shall be dearly missed. Tony, Linda and Jane: Thank you for everything you have done for us. We love you and could not be prouder. You are all truly deserving of Nexion Travel Group’s first-ever Lifetime Achievement Award.”

In addition, Nexion Travel Group recognized its Circle of Excellence, MillionAir, Gateway to Excellence and Gateway to MillionAir winners for top sales during today's general session. This year 119 advisors earned Circle of Excellence, and 20 advisors were recognized as MillionAirs.

Stop by the Annex for a presentation on our award winners. All award winners will be included in the next edition of The Advisor member newsletter, and we'll post additional news releases about our award winners on the home page of myNexion next week. We would like to recognize our double winners at this time. Congratulations to:
  • Suzy Gustafson- 2020 Circle of Excellence and 2020 MillionAir
  • Mary Anne Thoman - 2020 Ambassador Award winner and 2020 Circle of Excellence

Thank you for attending CoNexion at Home. Our first virtual conference broke an all-time attendance record with more than 1,500 attendees. 




Thank you to everyone who contributed to the ASTAPAC, ACTAPAC and Family Bonds fundraising campaigns. We exceeded our goal for ASTAPAC, with more than $5,800 collected (Jackie will also donate $5 for every person who donated during CoNexion). ACTAPAC numbers aren't available yet.

We currently have almost $700 in donations for Family Bonds, so if you'd like to make a donation and haven't yet, please do so by the end of the month. In addition, nominations for Family Bonds are being accepted until October 30 for the next round; please visit www.familybondsfoundation.com to nominate a person within the travel community who is in need or to donate.  

Continue to share the fun by using our official event hashtag #GetConnected in all your posts on social media! Photos have been posted to our Facebook pages:

 Tip from Edna Cation: "You are hearing about a lot of wonderful things. They only work if you use them." Also overheard from Edna, "The world is one big escape room, but travel advisors have the keys."

  A "Swiss cheese" news release touting your participation in CoNexion will be uploaded to the NexionTown CoNexion group this coming week. Complete the open items (your name, agency name, etc.) and send it to your local press to show your value as a travel advisor and your commitment to learning.

  CoNexion attendees who are certified with The Travel Institute (have their CTA, CTC or CTIE) receive 10 CECs for attending the conference. Be sure to request credit by using this link. Not certified yet? Stop by The Travel Institute’s booth during the trade show to find out more.



We'll see you next year onboard Norwegian Joy - registration is open at nexion.com/conexion-2021!






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